Allianz and Girisim Elektrik partner on quality assessment for photovoltaic

Allianz and Girisim Elektrik partner on quality assessment for photovoltaic

Allianz Climate Solutions | M√ľnchen, June 2016

Munich, June 22, 2016: Girisim Elektrik, a leading company for Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) services in the Turkish electricity and energy industry and Allianz Climate Solutions, the Allianz Group’s center of competence for renewable energies, cooperate on quality assurance for renewable energy projects.

The rapid expansion of photovoltaic systems in Turkey requires increased quality assurance and bankability judgements for investors and financing institutions. Therefore, Allianz Climate Solutions (ACS) will evaluate the EPC services of Girisim by screening the project management process, the field work and reference plants of Girisim.

Assessment covers technical and financial components

In cooperation with VDE and Fraunhofer ISE, ACS offers integrated financial and technical services to ensure that the Girisim portfolio of around 104 MWp in Turkey meets international standards. Furthermore, ACS provides international insurance solutions for the Girisim PV power plant portfolio.

"We really appreciate this cooperation with Allianz Climate Solutions. As an international EPC company, the cooperation with ACS will bring new business and projects for both parties with less risk and latest international standards"’ said Ali Gokhan Ozturk, Vice President, Girisim Elektrik Group Companies.

The integrated service from ACS / VDE / Fraunhofer ISE incorporates a comprehensive project risk assessment and complete technical assessment of the entire PV project. The risk assessment covers project risks during both the construction and operational phase. For instance, technical risks of components, financial risks related to the financing structure, key project contracts and risks resulting from the regulatory environment are analyzed. The technical assessment covers the entire project lifecycle from the development phase to construction and start of operation. Due to this comprehensive assessment ACS provides best-in-class terms and conditions in insurance coverage in close collaboration with the worldwide Allianz Network.

"We look forward to working with an experienced partner like Girisim in the exciting, expanding Turkish market. We thank Mr. Burak Kartal, Managing Director of Sollogic B.V. for establishing the partnership." said Dario Danelutti, Managing Director, Allianz Climate Solutions.


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Allianz Climate Solutions (ACS) serves as the Allianz Group's center of competence for climate change with a focus on renewable energies. As part of Allianz Re, ACS offers insurance services and advisory services on financing issues for renewable energy projects to both external clients and Allianz entities. ACS acts as a broker for insurance solutions for renewable energy technologies, an advisor, evaluator and supporter for renewable energy projects, a developer of strategies and climate-related products, as well as an advisor on all topics related to climate change, and an incubator for Allianz initiatives and projects related to climate change.


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Girisim Elektrik A.S. is one of the leading EPC services (contracting), engineering, sales and marketing companies in Turkish electricity and energy industry. Girisim Elektrik was founded in 1999 and offers a very wide range of products and services to a large number of key customers in many different industries both in Turkey and abroad. Girisim Elektrik completed successfully hundreds of projects in over 35 different countries all around the world. Girisim Elektrik and their group companies are also specialized on electrical and electromechanical EPC projects in Turkey and abroad for projects like; AIS and GIS substations, solar power plants, wind power plants, hydroelectrical power plants, biomass power plants, thermal power plants, combined natural gas cycle power plants, overhead lines, electrification of airports, railway systems, industrial facilities, hospitals, residential and commercial building complexes, and more.


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