Allianz hosts launch of UNEP FI framework on sustainable real estate

In mid-September, Allianz hosted the German launch of the Sustainable Real Estate Investment Framework in Munich. Keynotes by the head of UNEP FI, Eric Usher and Karsten Löffler, Managing Director of Allianz Climate Solutions made clear that the real estate sector will be key to any low-carbon transition - and that current action is not enough.

Allianz Climate Solutions | Munich, Sep 2016

The framework provides a pragmatic roadmap to integrating climate and sustainability criteria for real estate investments, showcasing possible governance, actions and milestones. The framework has been conducted by the Finance Initiative of UNEP together with an industry working group, including Allianz Real Estate.

The subsequent panel with additional participants, Georg Allendorf from Deutsche Asset Management and Ralf Behnke from Berlin Hyp, identified that “cui bono” still is one of the main barriers in a business where the owner often is not the tenant. For instance, this still hinders financing instruments like energy efficiency funds, thereas green covered bonds for houseowners are already an up-and-running instrument, as Berlin Hyp explained.

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