To share expertise and drive best-practice with the industry, policy-makers and the wider public, Allianz is part of a variety of industry associations dedicated to climate change. Allianz Climate Solutions is managing the memberships listed below.



The United Nations Environment Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) is a global partnership between United Nations Environment and the financial sector established in 1992. The partnership recognizes the increasing link between finance and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges, and the role financial institutions can play for a more sustainable world. Core activities evolve around banking, climate change, insurance, investment, property, and sustainability management and reporting.

Allianz SE is a founding member, Allianz Climate Solutions (ACS) manages the membership. Karsten Löffler is a member of the Investment Commission and Chair of the Climate Change Advisory Group of UNEP FI.

Munich Climate Insurance Initiative

The Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII) was initiated by Munich Re in April 2005 in response to the growing realization that insurance solutions play a role in adaptation to climate change. MCII provides a forum  the application of insurance-related expertise to climate change issues. The focus is on finding insurance solutions for the fast-growing number of people worldwide affected by weather-related catastrophes, especially in developing and emerging countries.

Simone Ruiz-Vergote of ACS is a member of the executive board of MCII.


ClimateWise leverages the insurance industry’s expertise to better understand, communicate and act on climate risks. The global network of over 30 leading insurance companies aims to frame a collective response to climate change. Members commit to action according to the ClimateWise Principles. The performance of members is independently reviewed annually.

Allianz Insurance plc. (UK), a subsidiary company of the Allianz Group, is a founding member of ClimateWise (2006). The membership was moved to the Allianz Group in 2013. Karsten Löffler represents the Allianz Group as a member of the managing committee.

Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance

The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (“The Lab”) is a global initiative launched by UK, German, Dutch and U.S. governments. It aims to drive billions of dollars of private investment into climate change mitigation and adaptation in developing countries. The Lab screens, analyzes, tests and refines proposals from around the world to select and recommend new climate finance instruments for piloting by investors in projects in developing countries. The Lab is part of broader government and private sector efforts to scale up climate finance. Its members include leaders from governments, pension funds, investment banks, project developers and development finance institutions.

On behalf of the Allianz Group, Elizabeth Corley, CEO Allianz Global Investors Europe GmbH, is Lab Principal and Karsten Loeffler serves as Lab Adviser. Thomas Liesch of the Climate Advisory team has been part of the development of the Energy Savings Insurance.

Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition

The Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition (PDC) is a multi-stakeholder initiative that seeks to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by mobilizing a critical mass of institutional investors committed to gradually decarbonizing their portfolios. It currently convenes 25 investors overseeing the decarbonization of USD 600bn in commitments out of USD 3.2 trillion in assets under management.

Allianz joined PDC on 7th December 2015 at COP21, Allianz Climate Solutions manages the membership.

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