Climate change

Advisory services, support of climate partnerships and engagement in international climate conferences

Climate change refers to the observed increase in average global temperatures over the last decades and the associated climatic changes observable on earth. The majority of climate scientists agree that the global temperature increases are closely linked to human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, for instance by burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, as well as agricultural and livestock activities.

The effects of climate change can already be felt today. Developing countries are especially affected by impacts such as drought, flooding and other extreme weather events. But also developed countries will need to anticipate the upcoming risks better.

As these changes also pose increasing risks to the insurance industry as a whole, Allianz has developed a Group-wide strategy not only to tackle issues related to climate change, but at the same time to make use of new opportunities. Core measures include the development of new products, investments in climate protection projects, as well as the reduction of Allianz’s environmental footprint.

Allianz Climate Solutions advises the Allianz Group on topics related to climate politics, engages in international climate negotiations and is involved in numerous climate change related memberships.

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